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Welcome to the website of Abbey Wood Crusaders Spiritualist Church.

Abbey Wood Crusaders Spiritualist Church is also known locally as Harvel Crescent as it is situated in the crescent and has been here since 1934. The origins of the church date back to the 1862 when it was a Coach House with stables. It was lived in up until 1933 and was then converted into a church which originally was very small in what is now the foyer area. The church extension that exists today was added in 1951.

When you come to the church you will be welcomed and whether it is for a Sunday Service or healing you will find a friendly atmosphere where you can relax and absorb the overwhelming positive energy. Many people come every week and say how they enjoy the friendly chats, tea & biscuits, and spiritual upliftment they receive from the service or the relief of their aches and pains from the healing received. (see Healing page)

The church is run by a Committee of Members who hold regular meetings to discuss forthcoming events, maintenance of the church and its grounds and ways of increasing the church membership which is currently 53. The Committee also authorise expenditure on equipment, repairs and set charges for special events.

The church has recently had a new front entrance door, glazing and canopy and the committee have agreed to redecorate the upstairs rooms and re-carpet the stairs.

Our President is Rev Nita Manning who has held this office now for 20 years and is assisted by Vice Presidents Jean Evans and Philip Hotchkin. Our Medium's Secretary is Teresa Ricketts

We have weekly Sunday Services (see details on Service page) and twice weekly healing services on a Tuesday evening from 7pm to 8.30pm and Thursday mornings 10.30 am to 12.00 pm. No appointment is necessary but if you are new to the church we will need to complete a record card for your healing sessions.